Lucas Di Pascuale

Recent Work





Taurrtiissttaa book / double pages


The Taurrtiissttaas drawings are the result of the excursions I made on my own in the city of Amsterdam, and, on the other hand, in the Rijksakademie Library.

During the excursions I travelled all over the city as if I were lost. For instance I looked for a place that somebody recommended, but many times without reaching my initial goal. Unable to find a site, other places caught my attention on the way. I went all over Amsterdam on a borrowed bike. The trips tended to be the moments when I conceived my work, but this time they were also became the way to carry it out. The excursions formed the framework in which the work evolved.

My excursions in the library concentrated on the section of artists’ books and catalogues. Reviewing them in alphabetical order I looked at all those books as if it were a bookstore where I was looking for clues about which book to choose. The library of Rijksakademie is beautiful for its topicality and variety. For instance I was moved to discover important catalogues of established artist, together with the first catalogue they even published.

Both from the publications and from the biking trips, I selected images to draw in my studio. I perceive these drawings as a form of writing, portraying the city and the ideas of other artists. I thought of the portraying as a way of learning, the process of which is the essence of my production.

This is how the collection appeared; I have an Araki and a Clark, a Calle and a Demand, a Goldín and a Hatoum, a Haacke and a Kabakov, a Kawamata and a Malevich, a McCollum and a Monge, an Oiticica and an Orozco, a Porter and a Sarmento, among many others.